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What is an SMTP Server?

SMTP is an abbreviation of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the procedure behind the email flow on the internet. It works like a post assistant. An SMTP Server is simply a computer running SMTP, and it receives outgoing mail messages from clients or users and routes them to the mail recipients they are intended for, acts more or less like the postman. Hence, SMTP is based on end-to-end message delivery.

How Does SMTP Work?

SMTP provides a simple code that simplifies the communication of email messages between email servers. So, SMTP provides those of the codes that the email service provider understands the meaning of the code. Therefore, it sometimes passes through a number of computers as well as their individual MTAs. Before going to the next computer in the path it is stored briefly. Think of this as a different hand pass letter because it makes its way to the right mailbox.

After sending is done, then clients or users can follow any of these actions.

  • Terminate Session
  • Exchange Roles
  • Send Another mail

The Procedure of SMTP Configuration:

Google’s (Gmail) SMTP Server is a free SMTP service that allows users to access the account and send the email to others. You can Send emails to the clients such as things like- contact forms, documents, newsletter blasts, or notifications.

You can send 100 emails per day to your colleagues, clients or friends. More information about the Google Email limit, using information can be found here. Configuring the SMTP Server for a Google Account is not very different from any other configuration like Yahoo, MSG…

Proceduare of SMTP Server

And here’s the standard procedure of Google (Gmail) SMTP Server Configuration, in a simple step:

1. First, get your Google SMTP Server Configuration Settings and find these of the options-

  • SMTP Server: (SMTP Host)
  • Use Authentication: Yes
  • SMTP Username: Your full Gmail username (email address), for example,
  • Gmail SMTP Password: Your Gmail password.
  • SMTP Port: 587 (default Google SMTP port)
  • Use Secure Connection: TLS/SSL, Required (Enable SSL checkbox)

2. Using Google SMTP, PHP Mailer, and WP Mail SMTP Plugin

3. Default From Address- Email address to send mail messages from It should be similar to the one used in the SMTP user name field, in our case

4. Default From Display Name– A display name for the email address.

5. When all fields are properly fill-up then, click Save to update the changes.

Here some of the SMTP Provider names that provide SMTP Server in all over the world-

SMTP Server

What are the Reasons to Use a Custom SMTP Server?

The first and most popular reason to do this is if you want to use your “reply to” address. For example, if I want my messages in ECP to have a reply address of, I can change that in the Mailbox setup, but the problem is that those email messages are really coming from

Messages can be identified as spam or spoofed email messages due to the difference between addressing and addressing the actual address. Setting up SMTP Connection so that ECP sends an email to mail server, it will avoid this happening

Another reason to do this, which is faceless often, if you are sending an email through a secure mail relay service or message. Services like Amazon and eBay allow companies to communicate directly with their customers through their internal secure email services.

The problem is that such messaging services will not allow communication through other mail services (to protect you and your customers from getting spam), if you use ECP to talk to your customers Those mail services will block those messages, they see that they are coming from an address that is not your domain.

Therefore, setting up an SMTP connection so that ECP sends emails through your domain is a perfect solution so that you can use ECP to manage communication with your customers.


Although email server and other mail transfer agents use the SMTP Server for the sending and receiving emails. Typically use the SMTP Server for sending messages to a mail server for relaying.  Also, retrieve the messages, consumer mail application and use the other server like either Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). Therefore, This is design to retrieve messages by individual users, clients, and also managing the mailboxes.

Why you need an SMTP Server?

As you know earlier a majority of hosting providers restrict the utilization of PHP Mails many of the spam and abuse. After coming to the technology email spam easily filter and many of the email service providers, provide the email marketing software to monitor the result of the email spamming. If, failed to monitor, then goes out in the spam folder.

Hemsmail Gmail offers high quality and reliable SMTP service for the industry. If you are looking to deliver notification emails or want to provide the service to your customer then you start with us email marketing service.

Furthermore, if you want to send newsletter emails, marketing emails, bulk email messages, from your mobile or laptop then you should choose our mass mailing service.

Here are the following important considerations:

  • Block dynamic / client addresses
  • Monitor emails
  • Monitor delivery rate
  • See out the result and Greylisting
  • An open rate of emails
  • No need of the transfer agents
  • Protected by an Antivirus
  • Spam Filter
  • Save time and cost
  • Easy to access


Upon finishing the blog, you know some of the terms of the SMTP Server and also know how to configure your Google account and use a free Google SMTP server. SMTP Server manages the server and plays an individual role in modern business. If you set up your SMTP Server then you have a good knowledge of the setting up your own SMTP server, or otherwise, you contact the SMTP service provider. Also, point you in the right direction of setting the SMTP Server.

Hopefully, this post helps you to figure out and how to set the SMTP Server Emails painlessly while getting the functionality you expected. If you get into trouble with the above instructions, please don’t hesitate to contact the hemsmail support team and definitely our team help you.

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