Email Credit Plan

As the name, Email Credit Plan, you can guess that plans i.e. Categorize for the Number of emails that you wants to send in a month. Like, if you want to send “Half Million” emails in a month then it cost Rs.12K in INR. Thus, the plans are categorized as per the client’s requirements. HemsMail specially known for their Quality as well as Quantity in their client area. Our first priority is quality. If you are seeking for quantity then we can’t provide the quality to you. Because you have already less the amount of the quality and increase the quantity.


You can purchase credits that work like 1 credit equal to 1 Email ,you send an Email when your need to send. Buy them when you need them, and don’t worry about squeezing value out of a monthly plan that doesnt fit your needs.

Email Credits Plan

money_bag_dollar  Value Rs.1200/-  Rs.1500/-  Rs.2000/-  Rs.3000/-  Rs.5500/-  Rs.12,000/- Rs.23,000/-
coins Email Credits  20,000  30,000  50,000  1,00,000  2,00,000  5,00,000  10,00,000
clock_red Validity 6-Months 6-Months 6-Months  6-Months  6-Months 6-Months   6-Months
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