Optional Technical Infrastructure Client Services

Clients can also take advantage of optional technical infrastructure of email marketing services. For the further enhance their deliver-ability with optional certification programs (through our partner Return Path); SPF Record assignments; Domain Key Configuration; and DKIM Configuration. Our teams will help consult the best possible configuration for your needs and guide the implementation.

Hems Mail SMTP Server

HemsTM Mail SMTP Server is also an easy to use outbound bulk email server that integrates into your sending application. You can send using your preferred client side or server side e-mailing application. And also, simply connect to our bulk email server to send your messages. So, Our bulk email server is suitable for sending out transactional emails, email marketing India, email marketing companies and most other high volume applications.

Looking for an affordable bulk email services provider? Our hosted email Inbox Mailer lets you manage your lists and campaigns through Our intuitive web based control panel , (email Inbox Mailer) is available as with our email credits Plan per month and seamlessly integrates with your SMTP hosting account. Contact us for more information.

Hems Mail’s Bulk Email Services are tightly regulated service. Hems Mail supports email marketing services, and customers in India and the whole world must adhere to CAN-SPAM guidelines. Please carefully review our Terms of Service agreement and be sure that you understand and accept our terms of use before signing up for an account. We provide affordable email marketing and Dedicated bulk email server for Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and all over India clients HemsTM Mail an extensive range of dedicated bulk mailing servers to clients to enable them send bulk emails to their email marketing India campaigns.

With our bulk mailing  SMTP servers. If you are wondering to have bulk email solution to ensure large volumes of email delivery, our bulk mailing servers are the best in every term. Using our bulk email mailing servers, you can amazingly boost mail deliver-ability and achieve in-depth insight of your email marketing companies.



Relationships with ISPs are established and white-listing protocols and applications are generated and maintained to ensure good communication and deliver-ability.


New accounts always screened to ensure legitimacy. And also, standard permission email marketing India practices. Keep deliver-ability and server reputations high by actively monitoring black lists, ISP blocking or any abnormal performance metrics. Of course, prevention is always king and so client education programs are actively promoted.


Also, Departments maintain communication and relationships with ISPs and ensure feedback loops and other deliver-ability requirements are maintained and nurtured, which keeps deliver-ability and reputation high in the space.



So, Like any good technical infrastructure, back-ups are just good practice and prevention against misfortune. Your lists and account data are secure (doubly so).


Despite good intentions, complaints can sometimes be generated. When this is the case, the Abuse Department steps in to work closely with the various entities involved to quickly address and resolve the issue. They’re like your good-will ambassadors of the internet space.


Our team of technical super heroes keeps a close watch on their domain to keep out any unwanted hackers or other villains of the virtual world. You can rest easy that your account and data is secure.

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