SMTP Server Plan


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Here you can view SMTP Server Plan, below is the 3 different plans based on their Capacity i.e. Number of Emails. There are different different plans named as Standard / Professional and / Cluster SMTP Server Plan. All three plans are specialized with the Capacity and the speed. So, price also categorize in three different plans. In SMTP Server, you have to need for Email Client. So, Email Client is a client tool that runs on windows i.e. used to sending mails. So, with the help of Email Client tool, once you configure the SMTP Server with your email client. That’s it you are ready to sending mails. There are several Email Client one of them is outlook. Yes, you can also use outlook to send mails. Also, you have to configure first your SMTP Server with the Outlook to make it workable.

SMTP Server Plan

 Plan Name Standard SMTP Professional SMTP Clustor SMTP
 Speed Sending Speed 1500/hrs Sending Speed 3000/hrs Sending Speed 5000/hrs
 Capacity (Number of Emails) Capacity : 1080000/month Capacity :2160000/month Capacity : 3600000/month
 Features Features : dkim,spf,dmarc Features : dkim,spf,dmarc Features : dkim,spf,dmarc
 Support Ticket support Ticket support Ticket support
 Price Rs6000 Rs10000 Rs15000
 Validity 1Month 1Month 1Month
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